men’s mental health – know the signs

Speaking out about men’s mental health is probably one of the hardest things to do, maybe too hard for some. Knowing what to look for in a family member or friend, becomes very important when they are struggling. “Man up”, I heard this said many times to different people, while in the Army. So why would anyone speak up then? The stigma attached to this statement is implying weakness.

Clients say anxiety and depression can be ‘debilitating’, and affects things like their motivation, nutrition and relationships. Clients also say they suffer from panic and anxiety attacks, which has a lasting effect on their well being. To understand men’s mental health has never been more important than now, as 84 men per week take their own lives in the UK alone. See report on ITV.

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men's mental health

supporting Men’s mental health

To support men’s mental health may take time, maybe years, but either way you have to start today. If you know someone suffering from an illness and it is an illness, then be there for them. You can provide a support network for someone, by being there for them and listen. Looking out for the signs, such as tearfulness, agitation or isolating themselves and not finding pleasure in their normal activities. This is not an exhausted list, but if you notice someone you know or love changing, maybe reach out to them. Remember that pride will play a big part in them not reaching out to you, because maybe of pride. However the strongest someone will be, is when they admit they have some weakness and need help.

While we are talking about men’s mental health, perhaps we should not forget many women also suffer too. I can understand that there are many pressures, probably building up over a period of time. Well call me today to discuss what we can do, maybe plan how to cope together.

where to get help for Men’s mental health

Reaching out for help is not a sign of weakness, but an acceptance you are willing to feel better. What people need to understand is men’s mental health was something that just wasn’t spoke about, but it shouldn’t be like this. Now there are so many support networks out there, likewise the list below can give you clarity.
Some of the options to address their health are maybe:

  • See a doctor, maybe they can refer you and show you ways to cope.
  • Recovery life coach, because they allow you to begin to help yourself.
  • Counselling or therapy, similarly mindfulness is a useful and helpful form of therapy.
  • Reaching out to a charity, which can guide you through.
  • Finding support through a family network, but above all begin to seek that help today.

Speaking to a recovery life coach can help find the source of the illness, whether it be depression, anxiety or panic attacks for example. Together develop coping strategies and a management plan for living a life, which feels more positive and worthwhile. I have worked with many people who already feel very low, however working with me we have found ways to move forward positively with their life.

men's mental health
men’s mental health

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