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The Stephen Bell story is one of pride because I know that everything that has happened to me has made me a better person.

I realised one day that my personal experiences in life could help others. My time in the British Army and Police, in life-threatening and often extremely hostile situations, had given me a unique set of personal tools. Something I could draw on to help others to cope with the challenging lives we all can lead.

If you know that you want to get some help working through some of your battles, then call me today.

My unique training style and programmes were created to help people like you so that you can face up to life’s challenges.

It’s taken me a long time to understand what makes Stephen Bell tick. Growing up and understanding that at times life may get difficult was what my childhood was all about. You see we didn’t have a lot of money. We didn’t have fancy cars. However, we did have the drive to be successful and improve ourselves. That was a better “drive” altogether.

Now I’m not talking about being amazing at school, but being the best person I could be, with the knowledge I had at that time. Then using that life skill to drive and develop myself and continually push me forward to achieve great things.

Stephen Bell: The early years

Not long after I left school I met Julia, who I fell in love with and later married her. I am still with that young woman and we have two wonderful children, but it hasn’t always been a wonderful life. You see my wife has had to endure many things. I’m inclined at times to be a risk-taker and I have done this regularly.


Stephen Bell: my vision

This vision I had meant I was going to join the Army. Surprising since I couldn’t run a mile without getting out of breath. I had no idea what I was letting myself in for. I didn’t really care. It “felt right” and I was going to fulfil my boyhood dream of being a soldier.

So I joined the Army.

Of course, it was tough. I was always encouraged to do better.

The odd whack around the head, pace stick in the back or a helping yell in my face did the trick. It wasn’t going to stop me, as I was going to make it a success and I did. This once unfit lad got selected and completed promotion courses and served in two war-torn locations.

I lost colleagues, friends and people got badly hurt, but to me, it was a success. It gave me the self-discipline to want to achieve greater things and provide the best life for my family.

New Duties and a new life.

On leaving the Army we started our family and a new journey, which included joining the Police.

So this gave me a completely new perspective on being able to help people and overcoming adversity. It presented me with many challenges including poor diet choices, lack of time to keep fit and dealing with people with life-changing injuries. In recent years there’s been a massive swing to dealing with people with mental health issues at all levels.

My visionary risk-taking attitude toward life drove me to start my first business. This grew rapidly and very soon we took on new people.

I still kept in touch with my Army pals. But in 2014 I was rocked by the sudden death of one of my idols in the Army. Someone who had helped me with my direction, my confidence and my ability to overcome adversity. Not being able to deal with debt and the potential loss of his business, my good friend had taken his own life.

This had a profound effect on me and still does to this day. It was a driving factor for what I do now.


Challenging times for Stephen Bell and Julia – and a new direction.

In July 2016 life changed dramatically. My wife and childhood sweetheart was diagnosed with breast cancer. So this is where it all got very serious, as I have never contemplated my life without my wife and best friend.

Not being able to make her feel better and the effects it had on both our children certainly took its toll on me. I became depressed, stopped keeping fit and doing things I enjoyed. I directed all my focus on my wife and her health. While coping with my wife’s illness and seeing how positive she remained, became my inspiration.

So I decided to put my life experience to use helping others, as well as her.

As a coach for life, I have found that my unique experiences of seeing life often at its worse, has provided me with unique abilities.

I now help people in all the areas I have personal experience or where I know I can make a real difference to people’s lives. This covers everything to help in their personal lives to help improve their business. I help people with depression, phobias, poor self-image and loss. I love helping others succeed and I love showing people a new direction so they can live a fuller life.

So call me today on 07984 493798 to book your discovery call. A better life is just a phone call away.

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