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Many of us suffer from having a negative attitude. We wear it like an old coat that we’re unwilling to take off.

Changing from having a negative attitude to having a positive one is extraordinarily powerful. In fact, the effects resonate throughout every aspect of your life. So help with positive change is well worth the effort.

So how do you begin to bring positive change into your life? Equally important, are we all capable of making the change?

As a life coach and mentor, I believe it is. I believe we all have a turning point in our lives when things suddenly start to drop into place.

  • For many people, it is simply the moment when you start to value what you already have.
  • For others, it is when they decide they will finally get rid of all that negative self-talk and limiting beliefs.

Note that both of these are simply a change in the way we start to think about our lives. It is not a material change. In fact, a material change is highly unlikely to make any difference.

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Help with positive change: Seeing that positive energy & embrace it

Help with positive change: Let’s do this together.

There are a few very simple and effective building blocks that we can use to create more positive energy:

  • Identify and understand what it is that affects YOU the most, as well as how you feel about your life. Start to make notes about the trigger points that make you feel negative.
  • Your thought patterns determine who you are. Some people say you are what you eat. I say you are what you think and believe.
  • Your friends are important too. Even more so now that we have to cope with social media. Having positive people around you is vital.
  • Recognise all the good things that are in your life on a daily basis rather than the things that annoy you. Living in the 21st century it is easy to forget just how blessed we are. Every generation that has lived before us would be amazed at the lifestyle we have.

So what do I need to achieve a positive change?

Let’s also look at how we react to situations around us.

People feed off you just as much as you feed off others. So if you are smiling and looking approachable, naturally, people will be inclined to approach you.

Negative thoughts. That “daily moan” impacts on both you and the people around you.

Just take a look at the picture of the smiling girl. She creates energy which we can feed off.  By contrast, if you are always looking down and avoiding eye contact, I’m pretty sure it will create different energy altogether.

I believe that our social skills and abilities can have a massive influence in creating positive change. Often how we react with others affects how we feel about ourselves. And it starts at the first introduction.

When people are introduced to you, do you reach out and shake their hand. Do you use good eye contact? Do you always make a point of remembering their name?

Tip: saying it out loud and repeating it a couple of times in your head, will certainly help it stick. Of course, people are more likely to use your name if you remember and use theirs.

I am also a great believer in the positive energy that comes from helping others. I often find that the most negative people are often the most selfish as well.

A report by Action for Happiness noted that doing things to help other people makes a big difference in how we feel about ourselves. The pure act of helping someone else creates tremendous positive energy.

And finally, setting goals helps enormously.

If I could give each of my students just one goal it would be to start using more positive phrases in your conversations and less negative ones. Positive affirmations go a long way. The daily “moan” just digs a deeper and deeper hole for you to dwell in.

Help with positive change and getting more from life.
Starting a positive change in your life.
Signing up for positive change.

I would be delighted to work with you to help you achieve your goals. Like everything in life, it’s always easier with an expert to help and guide you. I will also keep you focussed and motivated.

The more you work with me, the more you will see the benefits and empowerment you get from my tools for life programme.

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