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I can help you live a more positive life

how I can help you

We all go through times when we can’t cope. We worry and get stressed sometimes over the little things. You may have negative thoughts, which have a dramatic effect on how you live your everyday life. Do you get fears and phobias that restrict how you live and do you have addictions that make you feel even worse. If so, I can help you cope with this and more.

tools for life

My tools for life are a series of personally prepared tools that help you with:


Helping you cope with what matters in life to reduce the demand it has on you and your body. This will allow you to focus on your future and yourself, while we track the stressors and develop a healthy response.
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See how you can develop a sense of responsibility to challenge the undesirable addiction and find new ways to use self-discipline and control to improve your life. Let us identify the triggers and look to change your personal history.
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We can place the phobia into prospective and allow you to move on with your life. We aim to identify connections between your thoughts, feelings and behaviour and develop practical skills to manage any patterns that might be causing you problems.
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It is time to confront the debt and find positive solutions to moving on with your life. We will build outlets for the pain it has caused, but will be looking at the here and now and not dwelling on the past.
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Getting to the root of the doubt and working with the new you, so we can produce an assertive and confident person, who wants to be positive in life. We will challenge the old you to be left behind in the past.
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positive change

Finding and understanding what makes you the person you are, will produce the positive and real person you want to be. Setting yourself a challenge of self-improvement, with positive people around you.
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