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create a positive mental attitude

Create a Positive Mental Attitude

Have you ever wondered how successful people create a positive mental attitude so that they succeed? “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt In times of crisis such as the Corona-Virus outbreak which has impacted everybody’s lives around the world, it is important to stay positive. But how? People are...
suicide prevention and domestic abuse

Suicide Prevention & Domestic Abuse

Suicide prevention and domestic abuse can be difficult to spot and understand because you are not them or there. It could lead to mental health issues and affect the whole families wellbeing. Partners who experience intimate partner abuse are twice as likely to attempt suicide multiple times. It is shocking that every day almost 30...
Stress in Young People's life

Stress in Young People’s lives

There is so much Stress in Young People’s lives these days but you can learn how to build resilience in children so that you can reduce their stress and anxiety. Did you know 60% of young people (aged 18 to 24) have felt so stressed by the pressure to succeed that they have felt overwhelmed...
Resilience in Your Children

Resilience in Your Children

Improving the resilience in your children has never been more important than it is now. Kids live in a world of instant messages, 24/7 communication as well as an expectation to look great all the time. There is a need to build resilience and the ability to “bounce back” as this is vital to a...
stress - men dont cry

Stress & depression – “Men don’t cry”

Who says “Men don’t cry”? And why given the astonishing figures around stress, men’s mental health, addictions and depression would they not cry? 34% of men agreed or strongly agreed that they “constantly felt stressed or under pressure at work. 12.5% of men in the UK suffer from one of the most common mental health...
resilience in your children

Resilience Coach or Life Coach?

What is the difference between a Resilience coach and a life coach? Is your life full of stress, anxiety, debt and addictions because a resilience coach can help make sense of this. When you work with me, I can help your thoughts and emotions remain more flexible. Do you have difficulty managing your emotions? Read...
creating a vision

Creating a Vision for You

When you set out creating a vision for your business, you may find that you raise a few eyebrows. Remember other people are not you. They may not share your mission statement or your visionary leadership to succeed in business, so don’t expect them to. When you are creating a vision for you or your...
becoming a winner

Becoming a winner

Let us start thinking about becoming a winner in business, in order to reach your potential. Suppose you had all of the tools to create your dream of a better life for you and your family. While on my travels I have seen people who live a treasured life with the most basic of needs....
coping with stress

Coping with stress – Coping with life.

Like me, you’ve probably had to deal with coping with stress and maybe even depression before in your life. We all know how important it is to try and reduce the stress in your life. To focus on what matters. We all know you cannot change what has already happened. Easy to say but not...
help with positive change

Help with positive change in your life.

Many of us suffer from having a negative attitude. We wear it like an old coat that we’re unwilling to take off. Changing from having a negative attitude to having a positive one is extraordinarily powerful. In fact, the effects resonate throughout every aspect of your life. So help with positive change is well worth...
Help with phobias

Help with Phobias

In the UK it is estimated that around 10 million people suffer from a phobia. So if you suffer you are not alone. A phobia is an overwhelming fear of something. Essentially it falls in the category of being an anxiety disorder. There are many types of phobias, some common and others quite unique. It...
help with debt

Help with Debt Problems

Imagine you had absolutely no debt. Wow! Can you imagine? Most people haven’t seen a situation like that for years. The moment you leave school it appears you instantly get into debt. Paying it back seems like an impossibility. But you are not alone and that’s because of the way the system works. The financial...
Unleash Your Resilience

Get help with your low Self Esteem.

Waking up every day with low self-esteem can be very debilitating. In fact, exhausting might be a better word. Building self-esteem is something we all have to work on at different points in our life. Help with your low self-esteem.  Building self-esteem really is in your control. Remember you cannot change anyone else, but you...
suicidal feelings

Support and help with addictions

If you need help with addictions I’m here to support you on that journey. Maybe you’ve been battling on your own for some time now. Do you feel that it is time to do something really positive to make your life better? There are many types of addictions and everyone’s journey will be completely different....
stress symptoms

Recognising Stress Symptoms

If you could recognise stress symptoms in your life or business early, what would life be like? Sometimes life can be as stressful, as juggling fire on a cliff edge. But, when you feel like this do you find that you have low energy and as a result not sleeping well? Do you get ill...

Self Confidence Training

What would it be like to have more self-confidence, so that you can use it to improve your self-esteem? If only it was as easy as flicking a switch. As low self-esteem, is like driving through life with your handbrake on (Maxwell Maltz). It is important to know what you should do so that you...

Breast cancer – Why did you choose us?

Remember the day breast cancer came into your life? I do and it still seems like yesterday, despite being over two years ago. I can also remember the start of the indications that something was wrong but not when I started hearing the word metastatic. Looking back I can remember Julia talking about pain in...
suicidal feelings

How do you know someone has suicidal feelings?

How would you recognise someone with suicidal feelings? If you could have a small amount of knowledge to help someone in crisis what would it be? What would it be like, if you could understand what it is like to feel trapped? If you could see some of the signs that a person feels like their...
depression "warts and all"

Coping with depression, “warts and all”

Just pretend you know someone who is coping with depression. Well you may not actually have to pretend, because it is likely in your group of 6 friends or family, 1 is or has suffered symptoms such as depression or anxiety in the last few weeks. If it is you and you’re feeling that you...
male suicide

Why is it hard talking about male suicide

It can be hard to know where to start when talking about male suicide, but we have to. It is the leading cause of death in men aged under 45 in the UK, therefore we need to act. I never understood in the past, what it was that brought about suicidal feelings, but through experience...
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being addicted to social media

being addicted to social media What does being addicted to social media every day mean? Am I addicted to social media? Do you ever wake up and the first thing you do is check Facebook or Twitter? If you spend a lot of time checking social media, then over time this could affect your mental...
suicidal feelings

men’s mental health – know the signs

Speaking out about men’s mental health is probably one of the hardest things to do, maybe too hard for some. Knowing what to look for in a family member or friend, becomes very important when they are struggling. “Man up”, I heard this said many times to different people, while in the Army. So why...