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Stress & depression – “Men don’t cry”

Stress & depression – “Men don’t cry” stress - men dont cry

Who says “Men don’t cry”? And why given the astonishing figures around stress, men’s mental health, addictions and depression would they not cry? 34% of men agreed or strongly agreed that they “constantly felt stressed or under pressure at work. 12.5% of men in the UK suffer from one of the most common mental health…

Coping with depression, “warts and all”

Coping with depression, “warts and all” depression "warts and all"

Just pretend you know someone who is coping with depression. Well you may not actually have to pretend, because it is likely in your group of 6 friends or family, 1 is or has suffered symptoms such as depression or anxiety in the last few weeks. If it is you and you’re feeling that you…