Create a Positive Mental Attitude

Your mindset for happiness

Have you ever wondered how successful people create a positive mental attitude so that they succeed?

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt

In times of crisis such as the Corona-Virus outbreak which has impacted everybody’s lives around the world, it is important to stay positive. But how?

  • People are losing their lives.
  • Others losing their businesses
  • Some are losing their freedom which we have all taken for granted.

What is important at this time is to know it will not last forever.

We all have ways of processing information but finding the negatives in all you hear will not help.

  • Are you finding it hard to stay motivated?
  • Have you found your motivation has dipped already?
  • Is your life feeling like it is getting on top of you?

In this blog, I guarantee that you will find a way to increase your motivation and positive thinking so that you become happier. You will also find a way to create a positive mental attitude

Create a Positive Mental Attitude
Create a Positive Mental Attitude

How can I improve my positive thinking?

At times I am sure everyone loses their motivation but what would it be like if you could find a way to motivate yourself?

A staggering 92% of people fail to achieve goals they set so how do the 8% do it?

At Stephen Bell coaching we are experts at creating positive thinking in our clients so that they “bounce back”.

Does this sound like you?

  • I can’t do that because it’s too difficult!
  • Other people are better than me!
  • I always fail at everything I do!

The more you tell yourself that, then the more you will believe it. So let’s start to see how you can achieve a new goal and motivate yourself.

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How to Motivate Yourself to think differently

What I will tell you here is a simple technique to increase your motivation. If you have ever wanted to do something but lacked motivation, then this is guaranteed to help.

By following these steps I can assure you it will help create a positive mental attitude for any task.

It will also give you ways to see the benefits for other things in your life you find difficult.

  1. Firstly, think of something you know you need or want to do but find hard to motivate yourself for. You may also keep putting it off because you don’t want to not succeed.
  2. Ask yourself what is your objections to doing this task, activity or change in your life. Take the time to pause and find out what part, if any of you has objections to this change or activity. Be sensitive and kind to yourself so that you recognise the objections.
  3. What would it feel like to get the task, change or challenge done? – It is important to concentrate on the end result and not the activity. What are the positive benefits to you? How will your life be improved by this change?
  4. Now thinking only of the end result of achieving this change in your life, visualise the new you!! Make the image of you, in your mind look bright, colourful and large. Play some music in your mind, which is pleasant, relevant and makes this experience pleasant and attractive. Hear encouraging voices and feel how this change will benefit you!!
  5. Keep doing this until you feel so attracted to the task, that you see yourself having completed. You can now hear people remarking positively and have this sense of achievement.

Inspirational female
Inspirational female

Create Positive Thinking in Your life

If you want to find out more about increasing your self-confidence and wellbeing and motivation, then you should give me a call on 07984 493 798 or

If you feel that you want to find out more about how to create a positive mental attitude, then you really should give me a call on 07984 493798.