Mental Health First Aid Course

Is passing the Mental Health First Aid course important to you or your company? There is an increasing number of people becoming more open about their mental health including within the emergency services industry. It is important to recognise the role senior managers play here and to take steps to improve advice and help channels. Research has shown over 91% of Police staff have stated they have suffered stress or poor mental health. (MIND)

  • Are you finding that you want to help colleagues, friends or family but don’t feel confident?
  • Would you like to know how to support those experiencing different levels of mental health so that you can help?
  • Would you like to find out more about depression, stress and anxiety?

We can offer certified MHFA England trainers,  who have learned to deal with their own personal issues and developed strategies and coping mechanisms.

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Mental health awareness

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How will you grow from being more aware of Mental Health?

When you start out on a journey of learning generally you don’t always know what you will gain. What you will find from working with us and the team is that you will become more aware of the stigma and discrimination around mental illness.

On the course, your awareness will improve in many areas for example;

  • What is mental health?
  • How to recognise the symptoms of depression.
  • A Mental Health First Aid action plan.
  • Suicide figures and first aid to assist in a crisis.
  • Risk factors of depression and how to recognise it in the workplace.

This is only the basic outline of the course and the two day content of the Mental Health First Aider course is far greater. .


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Working with Our team on promoting Mental Illness.

As a personal coach, I work with many people so that I can help them grow and deal with an enhanced mindset.

Consequently, I have educated more people so that they can help others with their mental health and motivation.

If you are looking for personal one to one help with coping with a mental illness such as adverse childhood experiences then please book your discovery call.

I can also offer advice and help with individual performance issues such as low self-esteem or lack of confidence. As a result, you will find a renewed internal energy but also begin to understand what has been holding you back.

There are many reasons we find ourselves feeling the way we do but it does not mean we should always be like that. Above all, it is about accepting we are ready to make a change so that you can begin that journey.

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What you will find when you book your discovery call or email me, is that I am here to help. As well as finding how much you can grow so that you improve your current performance or mindset. Then you should call me now on 07984 493798 so you can start your recovery.

However, you can also contact us to find out more about how to enrol on a Mental Health First Aider course.

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