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Imagine you had absolutely no debt. Wow! Can you imagine?

Most people haven’t seen a situation like that for years. The moment you leave school it appears you instantly get into debt. Paying it back seems like an impossibility.

But you are not alone and that’s because of the way the system works. The financial services industry is a well-oiled machine. It is designed to get you to spend more money than you have on things you don’t need. Credit cards are handed out far too easily.

Credit is extended when it really shouldn’t be. Why? Because it is in the bank’s interest, not yours.

There is a common misconception that the banks will only lend you money if they think you can easily afford it. Wrong!

As a result, the debt statistics for the UK are absolutely frightening:

  • The time to pay off the average credit card debt if you only paid the minimum each month is just over 26 years. (That’s the average, so many people would take even longer!).
  • The average credit card debt per household in March 2019 was £2,655.
  • The average debt per UK household in March 2019 was just under £60,000.

Help with debt problems and how to get ahead.

Then there’s the added pressure that all your friends are borrowing money to buy new cars and using their credit cards to go on holidays with the kids. But eventually, all the debt catches up with you.

There is no such thing as free debt. You are paying for that holiday for years and years – with high-interest rates added on top. With credit cards, the debt grows exponentially.

I know what it feels like to be in debt and the hopelessness it brings. It gnaws at you constantly. I ‘ve been there and I also know how lonely it feels.

I have felt the pain, but now I know how to relieve the stress and anxiety it caused me for 6 years.

Losing one of the most inspirational people I know, a colleague and idol to suicide was one of the most significant moments in my life. I now know what pain my good friend must have been suffering. I had been there myself with the anxiety debt causes, but I couldn’t help my friend.

This hurt me hugely, as I didn’t know about his pain. I am not sure he shared it with anyone. Sooner or later you realise that you are not alone and there is help out there.

So if you have a debt issue call me today and find out how I put debt to one-side and found a new life. If if you would like a chat about how you can get out of debt, you can reach me on 07984 493798.

Seeking help with debt problems is absolutely life-changing. Don’t struggle alone.

Seek help for your debt problems – don’t hide.

Rule number one is don’t suffer in silence. You’re not the only one in the world with a debt problem, as the figures above show. So please ask for help. A debt adviser or life coach specialising in this area can help with debt problems and get you back on track.

The second you do that everything changes – in a flash.

Debt problems can lead to enormous stress both at home and at work. It leads to depression and, in its darkest hour it can even lead to suicide. None of this is necessary.

I know. My best friend walked this path and eventually felt there was no point going on. I know the pain that the family of my friend felt.  I also know my pain and that of his many friends.

Let me help you see there is light at the end of that dark tunnel and that you can rebuild your life. So I know you can rebuild your life because I’ve done it too.

If I knew how much people cared at the beginning, believe me, I would have made those changes a lot earlier.

So call or email me now to create positive change in your life and start to get the answers to your debt problems.

I will aim to give you your self-esteem back because the more you sit there doing nothing, the more that anxiety will dominate you. Imagine a life without the depression and without the pain of anxiety. It’s time to relieve the stress, to get on with your life. It really doesn’t have to be like this.

Dealing with debt: How I can help with debt problems.

  • We start by focusing on the present. So it’s all about the “here and now”.
    Why? Simple, you cannot change the past. So we accept where we are – and we put a debt management plan together. A plan that will move you to a better place.
  • Next step is to gain a positive outlook on life. Debt problems and negativity will often go hand in hand. So we are going to make some changes and we are going to be very positive about those changes. We can afford to be because creating a new focus allows us to feel completely different.
  • We are going to look forward and accept our new future. It is one that we will create together.  We will work harder on the good feedback life that has given you.
  • Equally important, we will stop trying to do this on our own. We’ve tried that and it didn’t work. As soon as you open up a little and ask the universe for help, change happens very fast.
    So I will give you positive, realistic and constructive debt advice, support and guidance. So this will create a new mind pattern to help understand the journey.
  • One of the things my clients always comment on is that you will soon find that you sleep better. Life suddenly looks a lot brighter.
  • Our “get out of debt” plan will lead to a long term solution, a better credit score, and a lot less worry in your life.
  • We will also work on how to improve your credit file quickly and with minimum hassle.

So if you call me today, that new journey can begin. Let’s get rid of your debt and move you to a better place.

Debt Solutions: Advice for dealing with all types of debt.

What would it be like if we started that journey today and you began to focus on such positive outlooks? So working with me can create a support network so that you know who to turn to for help. It’s necessary at times to confront our issues head-on because only then can we start to move forward.

Let’s work together to solve those debt problems once and for all and get you to a better place. Whatever your level of debt, I can help.

Whether you have personal debts or company debts there are many solutions available.

If you have company debts and your company is registered in England we can look at the many options available. We will look at how insolvency practitioners and Individual Voluntary Arrangements could also help give you the best outcome.

So call me today on 07984 493798 or send me your email address and we can discuss how to create a new life without debt.

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