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dissolving your phobias

In the UK it is estimated that around 10 million people suffer from a phobia. So if you suffer you are not alone. A phobia is an overwhelming fear of something. Essentially it falls in the category of being an anxiety disorder.

There are many types of phobias, some common and others quite unique.

It could be objects or situations. It could be a place or an animal or an insect.

Many people have a phobia for spiders, certain clothing, open spaces or leaving the house. It could be a situation or even a feeling. Social phobias are also very common.

Sufferers experience a wide range of physical symptoms associated with their phobias including:

  • Panic attacks
  • Dizziness
  • Sweating
  • Lightheaded
  • Shaking
  • Feeling sick
  • Negative thoughts and Depression
  • Increase in heart rate
  • Mental illness problems if not addressed

This is an area I specialise in and I can certainly help cure or reduce the anxiety and panic.

Help with phobias and moving forward.

Interestingly, you are only born with two fears.  So all the other fears or phobias you have, have been “learned”. This is good news because it also means they can be unlearned.

So where did the phobia actually start?

If you go back to the day you were born, you would only be born scared of loud noises and falling. All the other fears or phobias have been triggered by an event in your life.

My job as a life coach is to rediscover that trigger and reverse it. Coping with phobias is something that anyone can learn. The relief that comes from removing this particular type of anxiety disorder is immense.

If you would like to start your journey to recovery give me a call on 07984 493798 for a chat. Alternatively, you can email me

help with phobias
Social media is causing increasing social anxiety.

How to get help with phobias: Reduce your anxiety

The good news is that phobias are treatable so there is no need to suffer. The journey to recovery usually has four distinct phases.

  • Finding the timeline and ways to cope, so that you can begin to feel positive again.
  • Accepting it can and get better and finding an alternative for what you are feeling right now.
  • Supporting the future and seeing life can quickly improve.
  • Realising your inner calmness and starting to feel the benefits.

You may have read that phobias are an “irrational response to a rational event”.

If this were the case, maybe we would all have a phobia of some sort. Each one of us is a different person, which means we all act differently. In life, there are only two options, fight or flight. How you deal with any experience, ultimately leads us to determine what path you may have chosen.

You can choose to fight this phobia from today together with me and begin to feel at peace. Book a discovery call today.

irrational fears or phobias
Irrational fears or phobias come in all shapes & sizes.

How to start dealing with phobias.

Suppose you woke up this morning and the phobias were no longer there. How would you feel and what would your life now look like?

That is my aim. If you were to come onto my “Tools for Life” programme, then you would feel better within our first few sessions. This could be the start of a new life for you, maybe allow you to see things very differently.

I understand that each client is different, so the treatment has to be different as well.

Lets us look at what we can do and maybe begin to take on this phobia. Imagine a world with no phobias and you wake up every day feeling great, because of the work you have done with me. The more you work with me, the more you will feel that the tools for life programme are working.

Tackling phobias head-on.

Remember what I said earlier; you are only born with two fears, which means you can rid yourself of anything else.

Sooner or later you will see that this phobia was actually created by you, which means you can uncreate it.

During our sessions we will look to establish some clear milestones:

  • Starting to desensitise yourself from your phobia.
  • Finding a time when this phobia came into your life so that we can remove it.
  • Looking at the phobia from other perspectives.
  • Create clear goals and feeling the benefits.

Of course, I cannot do this on my own – I need you on board. Any change starts with you.

My “Help for Phobias” programme.

Suppose you started your journey today. What would that mean to you? How would you feel about making that change and feeling that strength inside? Would your life be better?

Just by making that call today could be the start you need. It will give you a new light and a new focus. This clarity could be the start of sending the right messages to both yourself and your children. Remember children soak up everything from 0-7 years old, which means irrational fears you have, may turn into fears they have too.

It may be that children see how you react and copy that behaviour or reaction. If you could change that behaviour today, then it is likely that a child could feel differently too. Remember for every action, then there is a reaction and it is this that you want to change.

I have seen this in both my clients and my own children. Simple behavioural therapy can make a huge difference. I can deal with specific phobias unique to you or the more well-known ones as well.

Call me today on 0794 493798 and begin to get closure and help with phobias. It may be the most important call of your week.

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