Mental Health Awareness

10th October 2019 is Mental Health Awareness day but what can you do to help?

Are you one of the 91% of Police personnel that have experienced stress and poor mental health at work?

Most officers find that they work hard at helping others cope with mental health issues but are less likely to seek help themselves.

Within the emergency services, staff deal daily with traumatic events. Therefore, are more likely to be exposed to incidents their brain finds hard to process.

  • They may find that as a result of their work they have low mental wellbeing. This may be due to high workloads, low morale and working alone.
  • They may also be one of the victims of one of the assaults on officers that resulted in injuries. These rose by 27% in 2018/19 but they may lack any support and it can affect their ability to return to work.(Full facts)

Improving mental health awareness in the workplace is essential to your wellbeing but it is also important to seek help early.

Mental health awareness

What can affect mental wellbeing?

Being in the emergency services is not an ordinary occupation because of what you see, hear and feel. You will see things daily due to your role, that other people wouldn’t experience in a lifetime. As a result of these pressures, you may move into overload and be unable to process what has happened. Having that mental health awareness is vital so you can find some support.

If work is making your mental health worse due to workplace stress or poor relations with your colleagues. It is vital that you seek help from other organisations so that you feel confident of support.

You may have also dealt with people who may be physically or verbally abusive. These serious assaults on officers can have a significant impact on your confidence and the thought of working alone again.

You may find you are experiencing stigma or being treated unfairly because of your mental health problem. For this reason, it is important that you seek professional independent advice.

Returning to work after a period of poor mental health too early may also affect your wellbeing. Therefore it is vital to ensure you are in a good place so that you do not become unwell again.

mental health awareness
Mental health awareness is vital

Improving Your mental Health Awareness

Recognising mental health awareness is vital to your own wellbeing. If you can recognise symptoms like stress and anxiety and therefore seek help, this can help your recovery.

  • What you must do is find someone to help build up resilience if you are unable to find the answers yourself. Talk about how you feel with someone independent so that you will be able to see things from a different point of view.
  • Build healthy relationships and a healthy support network so that they can listen, advise and help.
  • Look after your physical health so that you are in a better place. This means improving sleep patterns, diet and physical activity because these can impact on your mental wellbeing.
  • Create a safe and more relaxing environment for yourself so that you have quality time for yourself.
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