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What would it be like to have more self-confidence, so that you can use it to improve your self-esteem? If only it was as easy as flicking a switch. As low self-esteem, is like driving through life with your handbrake on (Maxwell Maltz). It is important to know what you should do so that you can build that self-confidence.

If like me, you have had times when you have questioned your self-confidence, then we should work together. I can honestly say that there are many times I have doubted myself but I have the mindset, “just don’t give up”.

From my days of growing up to be an infantry soldier, I have fostered a mindset of pushing myself and working my mental muscle. You too can adopt this confident mindset of not letting anyone make you feel inferior, unless you let them.

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exercise stress away & gain self-confidence

Let us start building that self-confidence

My top tips for being in the zone of being mentally strong and confident start with how I do do it.

  1. Firstly you should picture yourself being a successful person because seeing yourself as the image of who you want to be is powerful.
  2. You have to believe in yourself and that anything is possible. The only person that can limit your potential is you.
  3. Be able to pick yourself up when things don’t go well. Yes, expect at times to fail but this is ok. We have all failed but it is your response to that setback and how you deal with it what matters.
  4. Surround yourself with people who share your vision and passion. No one needs negative energy in the room. If you have those people in your life, then keep them at a distance, so that they don’t suck you dry.
  5. Keep active in both mind and body, as this will helps produce important chemicals in your brain.

If you want more advice, then you should call me today on 07984 493798

How is self-confidence born?

Remember that we are not all built the same and that self-confidence can be developed with practice. Imagine joining the Army as a nervous young person and then what you are like after basic training. You have to believe in yourself and your ability, as it starts from the heart you build yourself.

Within 5 weeks my confidence had grown, along with my self-esteem. Just being around confident people helped me achieve goals, which I never thought were possible. When you have low self-esteem, it can sometimes seem like everyone around you has it all. Setting myself small goals back then of just achieving something new every day, helped me see life in a positive light. 

Self Confidence as a soldier
Self Confidence as a soldier

Seeing myself as a successful person and visualising that image daily or whenever I had the chance helped me create powerful thought processes. I would visualise what that successful soldier would look like and what steps I needed to take to achieve it. Just by creating a vision of where you want to be and then writing down that goal is so powerful.

Even now I listen to powerful and inspirational people, which help me create these subconscious thought processes. One that really rings true with me, is by Admiral William H McRaven a US Navy Seal Commander. It is very simple, that if you want to change something, “Never give up”.

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Regaining that self-Confidence

Remember at times things will not go the way you expected because that is life. What is important is to pick over the ashes, so that you find opportunities to grow stronger from this. You can see from my story that I have had setbacks but I will not allow it to halt my progress. Sifting through what went right, as well as what didn’t go well allows you to analyse it while setting an action plan. When we restructured Sirens Driving Academy in 2017, despite knowing the risks involved, I mentally prepared for mental confusion. However, we had conducted our SWAT analysis, so that knew we were right but also prepared for setbacks.

I always talk with my good friend Monica Varo and therapist about how she deals with clients. In coaching, we are always moving forward so that we can progress. Working through those negative thoughts, in order to find a positive in there. That way we can find examples of when you succeeded and use this to influence you to recreate that image.

Just watch sprinters before the start of a race, notably how they are visualising and putting themselves at the end of the race. The other person to watch with self-confidence is Lewis Hamiton. I was recently at the Singapore F1 when he produced one of the greatest pole lap times ever, against all the odds. For Lewis, it was never in doubt, as he had already imagined himself setting that lap time.

self-confidence with Lewis Hamilton
self-confidence with Lewis Hamilton
Keeping that Self-confidence going

Imagining surrounding yourself with negative people and those that do not share your passion for life and enjoyment. Sooner or later you will become just like them.

Instead of being with those people, align yourself with those that have the energy for life. Keep fit and see the countryside, so that you experience beautiful things and not negativity. Being part of an active group such as going to the gym produces many health benefits, including slowing down cognitive decline. Exercising also has a dramatic anti-depressive effect, such as the release of feel-good brain chemicals, such as dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin.

If you feel you are ready to work with me on a programme that will build your confidence such as a physical and mental workout. Then you should then you should call me today on 07984 493798, so that your self-confidence can reach new heights. 

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