Suicide Prevention & Domestic Abuse

Spot the signs, reach out & Support

Suicide prevention and domestic abuse can be difficult to spot and understand because you are not them or there. It could lead to mental health issues and affect the whole families wellbeing. Partners who experience intimate partner abuse are twice as likely to attempt suicide multiple times.

  • It is shocking that every day almost 30 women attempt suicide as a result of experiencing domestic abuse.
  • That every week three women will take their own lives to escape that abuse.
  • Men are victims in over third of domestic violence incidents but are more reluctant to come forward and report it.
  • On average there will be 12 men every day taking their own lives in the British Isles. How many of these are linked to domestic abuse is hard to quantify because “Men don’t Cry”.

What is important is that there is a concerted effort to understand where this domestic violence comes from. So that everyone’s mental health and wellbeing are recognised and a support network is in place to prevent suicide.

suicide prevention and domestic abuse. Mental Health and wellbeing
suicide prevention and domestic abuse. The effect on mental health & wellbeing

Mental Health and Wellbeing Through Domestic Abuse

It is very clear that domestic violence affects the wellbeing of the whole family, including mental health in children.

Whilst women are more likely to suffer domestic abuse rather than men, this is not to say that men aren’t also victimised in their own homes. Men are the victim of domestic abuse at some point in their lives. In fact, in every three reports of domestic abuse, one victim is male.

The fact that men are less likely to speak out about not only their mental health but also any domestic violence, this can affect their life negatively. It can and will affect the mental health of children who will experience violence and abuse through being exposed. This sort of trauma can impact on them now and the rest of their lives with the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder. 

The effect on children who experience violence in their home is strongly linked to how this shapes their future. An adverse childhood experience could harm their developing brains and how they respond to stress. It also can damage their immune systems so profoundly that the effects show up decades later.

The ACE score or adverse childhood experience can cause much of their burden of chronic disease, most mental illness, and are at the root of most violence.

suicide prevention and domestic abuse
suicide prevention and domestic abuse can affect mental health and wellbeing

Suicide Prevention and support

At Stephen Bell Coaching I look to help with mental health and peoples wellbeing in the hope I can prevent suicide. This is not something we can do alone and it needs everyone to listen to their friends and family. When I lost my good friend to suicide, it rocked my world.

What you need to ask yourself is what do you know about suicide prevention? Could you ask someone you love are they thinking of committing suicide because that is one of the first steps.

Take all thoughts of suicide seriously and take some action so that you can look after their wellbeing immediately. As a mental health first aider, a friend or family member, it is important for their mental health and yours that you ask them;

  • Do you have a suicide plan? Try and find out how specific they are such as do they know-how. It is a myth that if you ask you can make it worse because that is not the case.
  • Have they access to the means such as the pills, rope or other means.
  • Are they thinking about when they will do it?
  • Do they intend to attempt suicide and they have made plans such as a will or cancelled things.
  • What sort of behaviour are they exhibiting such as “have they been taking drugs or drinking”? This can increase the risk of acting on it.

If you think there is an imminent risk then you should call 999 or take them directly to the hospital. It is important to deal with any immediate danger and don’t put yourself at risk.

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suicide prevention, mental health & wellbeing

Domestic Abuse help and support

Victim Support can help and support you in domestic abuse as soon as it is reported. There are also many support groups, refuges and safeguarding options out there for both men and women. Whilst there are more refuges for women than there is for men, this we are sure will change as more cases are reported.

At Stephen Bell coaching I will aim to support everyone that needs advice and any therapy or counselling following any domestic abuse incidents. The team are here to help you through any traumas you have experienced in your life so that you can make sense of them. I have a team of dedicated therapists and counsellors who have a wealth of knowledge and experience of dealing first hand with domestic issues and suicide prevention. They can help you try to make sense of what you have seen, heard or felt so that you can cope with life.

If you would like to speak to a dedicated Therapist or counsellor at Stephen Bell coaching then you should call today 07984 493798

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This is written in response to losing an influential friend, mentor and Army colleague to suicide as well as seeing and dealing with suicide in real-life situations.

This blog is about suicide prevention and domestic abuse does not seek to offer medical advice but opinion and advice from the MHFA manual