Why is it hard talking about male suicide

It can be hard to know where to start when talking about male suicide, but we have to. It is the leading cause of death in men aged under 45 in the UK, therefore we need to act. I never understood in the past, what it was that brought about suicidal feelings, but through experience have seen too many people kill themselves. I can only imagine the pain this causes family members, which is why it is important as a recovery coach to help raise awareness around male suicide.

If you read about suicide statistics, you find yourself amazed that 800,000 people kill themselves each year. According to the World Health organisation. That equates to 1 family member every 40 seconds, so it needs to be addressed.

As part of suicide prevention it is important to realise, that we need a toolbox for our own wellbeing. Project 84 talks about the 84 men every week, who take their own lives in the UK. You might find yourself thinking of someone you know, who might be showing signs of either not being themselves, maybe with early warning signs of mental health problems. What would it be like if you knew how to help them, therefore preventing another loss of life?

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What is in your Toolbox to prevent male suicide?

male suicide
male suicide

There can be so many pressures in life now with no escape. Every time you log onto social media, it could be affecting your emotional well being. What is it like when you see people doing well and you might be struggling, whether financially or in a relationship. Sooner or later that may take its toll on how you are feeling, likewise what do you have in your toolbox to deal with that?

There is a lot of research going into the mental health problems caused by the excessive use of social media. The attempted suicide rates of young people are alarming too, with children aged 15-19 years old at high risk due to pressures of exams, social media and at times bullying.

Whilst this is not exclusive about male suicide, it is the single biggest killer of men aged under 45 years old, as a result in 2015, men accounted for 75% of all suicide in the UK. Suppose you could help those people and prevent these suicidal feelings getting to the point, that the person feels it is their only hope.

Every time you find yourself noticing something about someone you care about, maybe talk to them. Don’t ignore the signs, as just talking to someone and letting them explain how they feel is the best thing you can have in your toolbox. Remember for some people getting through the next hour is a challenge, therefore getting through the day sometimes seems impossible. You can help them, because you may be the first person to listen to them.

A toolbox of help in the fight to prevent male suicide:

  • Keep active and see the outside world, because it stimulates your mind. There is firm research that being outside and enjoying nature is key to feeling good about yourself. Seeing life at its best and not confining yourself to one room in the house is vital for your wellbeing, hence feeling at ease.
  • Exercise produces endorphins, which act as natural painkillers for your body. Suppose you exercised more and as a result it should help you sleep and relax more.
  • Relax your mind, perhaps by meditating or mindfulness, maybe just a few quiet minutes per day. Having some sort of therapy such as acupuncture or massage stimulates your body, above it makes you feel good.
male suicide
male suicide

Ways to help male suicide stigma

Many people may feel that talking about male suicide is just not cool, but if you could stop that one person killing themselves, maybe you have played your part in suicide prevention. Whilst serving as a soldier and in the Police, I have seen that increase in suicide rates and at times it has been people I know. I want to raise awareness and campaign against living miserably, therefore help others. If I could prevent anyone of the 84 men every week taking their own lives, maybe then I would do anything possible.

As a recovery life coach my role is to recognise what it is that prevents someone from achieving their potential. I raise their awareness of positive thinking and setting themselves achievable targets, therefore avoiding unhelpful self talk.

Starting out in business increases the strain on an individual, because at times it is a lonely place to be. I know that feeling, as I have ran my own businesses and still do. What would it be like if the business just dried up? What is your plan to get out of that hole? Who can help you find some direction, maybe call me today.

What can happen is that pressure becomes so personal and the thought of failure takes control. It might be that family members don’t know the pressure that person is under, but remember you need to speak out and people need to ask. Talking through the process of life and business and finding goals increases the motivation to achievement. Increasing the level of dopamine flowing through our brain, increases our drive to succeed.

Why prevention of male suicide is so important

Suppose you recognised the signs of someone at risk of male suicide and as a result knew what to do. Speak to that person and get their agreement to seek help. If you find yourself feeling you cannot help, then speak to someone else who can offer support. The more you try to reach out to the person at risk, the more likely you will be able to help them.

Lets today all think about what we can do to prevent male suicide continuing to spiral out of control, therefore call me on 07984 493798.

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